George was a notorious criminal. The leader of a merciless, menacing kidnap/killer gang in one of the states in South East Nigeria, who neither feared God nor regarded man. He was born in church of course, baptized as a child, raised in church, and even often still went to church (for purpose other than worship, maybe). But George thought he could become a god and be worshipped instead of being a worshipper. “People of faith were weak”, he convinced himself. “They do not know what LIFE means, or how to enjoy it.” Until one day.

            As George and his gang were returning from an operation, shooting erupted between them and the government’s Joint Task Force. In a desperate dash for escape, the gang’s vehicle hit a bigger vehicle and was crushed by the impact. George was the only survivor.

            Teetering on the brink of consciousness, George could barely appreciate his new environment, men and women clad in white, shoving trays and charts around his room. “Am I in Heaven” “He wondered, “No, maybe a hospital.” Worse the strange language they whispered made little meaning to him. “MRI showed bilateral subdural hematoma…” “…fracture of the lambdoid suture…” “Multiple ruptures of the basilar artery are certainly inoperable…”, “how do we handle the severe cerebral contusion?” George had never encountered such utter helplessness.

            And just as nurse Jacy finished administering his evening drugs, SILENTLY, he solemnly asked her” “Am I going to die?” “Even if you die”, the nurse retorted in a most sarcastic tone, “won’t it be a well deserved punishment for all those you have killed” Eh” Why are you asking such questions” Everybody must die anyway. And with a heavy hiss, Nurse Jacy walked away from George’s bedside.

            Shocked to the bone, George cried all night and never woke up the following morning. Even more shocking was that Nurse Jacy was a well-known “Christian Nurse”

            How many more are dying at the hands of so-called Christian health workers worldwide, in Africa, in Nigeria, at UNTH. Are you like Nurse Jacy? Will you BECOME like Nurse Tracy? The time for change is now! Join us today to pray, to learn to live the kingdom lifestyle in Healthcare.